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We work hard to satisfy our customersAs our company has grown, so has the variety of our products and services. This is a reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit that has guided our company since its inception. Although we have grown into a large multinational enterprise, we have maintained the personality and flexibility of our small independent roots. This enables us to provide high-quality products at industry-best prices and to give personal attention to all of our customers.We will continue to pursue this balance between growth and service so that we can remain the best overall value in the marketplace


The best chemicals begin with the best supply.

Tarmesh’s global presence allows us to have immediate access to a wide variety of Oleochemicals,Specialty Chemicals and Petrochemicals from all of the major producing countries, as well as from the niche specialty origins.

Our network of upcountry sourcing and various operations in producing countries allows us to identify and secure high-quality products from specialized suppliers or regions. These operations help us deliver tailor-made solutions to our customers.

We collaborate with customers and suppliers alike in order to meet the necessary quality and sensory specifications.

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Moving Oleochemicals, Specialty Chemicals and Petrochemicals around the world is our specialty.

A significant challenge for our customers in these turbulent times is getting goods from the marketplace. Tarmesh’s global reach and extensive experience in exporting, importing, shipping, delivery and warehousing makes this process seamless.

We ensure that products arrive smoothly from origin countries to customers’ facilities.

For more information on our services and to request quotes, please contact our commercial team

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The chemicals market is notoriously volatile.

Weather, geopolitics and economic fluctuations all combine to create an atmosphere of uncertainty within the chemical industry. We recognize this reality; for this reason, we offer a variety of advisory services to help our customer best steer through this volatility.

Our people’s experience of over 50 years has made us foremost experts on pricing, futures and market trends. Our global presence allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of supply and demand. This enables us to provide our customers with the most price competitive products and solutions.

You can have peace of mind with our vast experience and knowledge of the industry at your fingertips.

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